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An Introduction to Equine Working Notebooks

Equine Working Notebooks were originally created as structured training manuals for the Pony Club UK. They are designed to give members an insight into what is required at the different levels of the standard of efficiency tests and what is expected of them on the day of the test.

".... extremely useful and easy to use."

They are used not only by Pony Club members worldwide but also instructors, examiners and students of other equine exams, all of whom have found them extremely useful and easy to use.

There is a book for each of the Efficiency Tests from the D Test
to the A Test (Riding) and an Activity Book for the D, D+ and
C Tests.

There is also a range of books covering the NVQ Mandatory
Units Levels 1- 3 and a book of Lesson Plans for each of
the three levels. These are being used by Colleges of
Further Education all over the country and yards training
students for their NVQ's.