Activity books

Activity Books 1 (D test standard), Activity Books 2 (D+ test standard) and Activity Book 3 (C test standard) provide a range of things to do relating to the topics covered in the syllabus of the test for which each book was written.

They are designed to test the understanding of each topic in an interesting and practical way.

These activities include:

  • filling in missing words
  • true or false questions
  • word searches
  • finding out practical information
  • recording information about personal experiences
  • labeling diagrams and pictures

The books are designed to be used along side the Working Notebook for the relevant test.  When all the activities have been completed all the subjects that need to be learnt for that test will have been covered.

There are answers at the back of each book so children can check their work.

Each book has an Achievement Record list which instructors can sign as each topic is completed.

The books can also be used independently as a method of teaching young people through questions and activities they can undertake on their own.

The Activity Books can be used by Pony Club Branch members as well as Centre members, or by riding schools that have stable management sessions for their clients.

They are extremely useful as a project at camp, or on a wet day at a rally or for simply having fun testing each others knowledge!

They are designed to encourage children to be observant and to question what they see going on around them.

Activity Books 1, 2 and 3 are wire-bound with plastic covers to keep them clean and dry when being used on the yard or in stables.

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